Writing a Successful Newsletter

A newsletter is the perfect way for your business to increase brand awareness. Customers receive this letter on a regular basis and are thus confronted over and over again with the products or services your company offers. A newsletter can also help your company’s image and reputation with existing customers and prospects. It’s a great and effective marketing tool.

Publish the Newsletter Regularly

Decide how many times a year the newsletter will be published and stick to it. It’s easy to get tied up with other tasks and neglect the newsletter, but try to publish as much as planned. Otherwise, the newsletter will lose its effectiveness. Publishing 4 to 6 times a year is a good idea.

Of course you can have too much of a good thing. Don’t send out a newsletter every week because this will cause customers to get annoyed by the amount of mail they receive from you. Make sure you balance your publications well.

Whom Do You Send the Newsletter To?


You can easily send your newsletter to existing customers since you already have their addresses. Include an option to subscribe to your newsletter on your website so that prospects can also read it. If they read it and want to buy a product that you are selling, you’ll probably be the first person they think of! Plus, a newsletter that is well written and interesting gives customers the feeling that you are the expert in your field.

Employees (internal newsletter)

You can also opt for an internal newsletter that you send to everyone working at your company. The advantage of doing this is that people stay motivated to do a good job, they learn more about the in and outs of the company and they can deliver content for the next newsletter.

Image publishing positive numbers regarding the first quarter of the year. You can write a small ‘thank you’ article below which encourages your employees to keep up the good work. Employees reading internal newsletters will feel a bigger bond with their company and this can only be positive for their professional achievements.

Newsletter Content Ideas

What should you write about? The list below gives you ideas for putting together your newsletter:

Newsletter for customers

  • free tips and advice
  • product/service of the month
  • future events, seminars, workshops
  • interviews
  • ‘how to’ articles (for instance: how to decorate your living room)
  • customer of the month
  • book reviews
  • awards or prizes you have won

Internal newsletter

  • company news
  • company figures
  • introduction of new employees
  • reports about team buildings, sales meetings, trade fairs…
  • interview with an employee (for instance: a day in the life of our Sales Manager)
  • general tips of employees (books, restaurants, events…)
  • new products/services

A Professional Newsletter

Make sure that your newsletter contains no mistakes. Also double-check the spelling of people’s names and contact information. Make sure the lay-out is attractive and print the newsletter on quality paper. If you neglect to do this things, you will not get a professional looking newsletter and this will affect the reputation of your business in a negative way. Creating a newsletter does not need to take a big chunk out of your budget, but just make sure it looks professional and contains no typos. Look at the newsletter as an investment in the future of your business!

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