What It Really Takes to Succeed as a Writer

Ever wondered what it really takes to succeed online as a writer? No, not just what everybody preaches, but what really works?

You’ve probably read articles about the importance of having good skills, being in the know and having a good network, but none of these matters if you don’t believe in yourself.

Of course, skills matter. Your network matters. Your relationship with other writers matter, but there is one thing that trumps every other, and this one thing is what it really takes to succeed online as a writer.

Here’s one quote that sums it all up:

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”? Bernard Baruch

Just take a look at that quote over and over again and it doesn’t take much effort to see what it really means.

The Importance of Having Self Confidence as a Writer

There’s one thing the most successful writers, the most successful bloggers, the most successful business people and even the most successful politicians have in common, that one thing is confidence.

Sometimes, the difference between succeeding as a writer and failing is the degree of self confidence you have in yourself.

Smart writers take action and are ready to stand up for each decision they make whereas mediocre writers take days and week to ponder on each idea before ever releasing it to the public. Smart writers confidently make mistakes and also embrace their mistakes and its solution with confidence, mediocre writers try as much as possible to avoid mistake and as a result hardly achieve anything. Smart writers confidently demand what they’re worth from clients while mediocre writers are afraid of asking “too much” because they think the offer will be going away soon.

It’s really all about having confidence about what you have to offer!

There Isn’t Perfectionism Anywhere

That project you’re working on would never be perfect, so why wait for it to be? Why ponder about releasing or improving it for weeks?

It’s natural. Our duty as a writer is to provoke. After all, can you really produce great work without provoking the emotion of others?

Confidence has nothing to do with perfectionism, it has everything to do with the realization that nothing you do will be perfect and standing up for everything you do.

You have very little time to produce great work, why obsess over what people think about what you know, then?

The foundation of life is based on what we think, our opinions. Just think about it, good and wrong. Everything that is good is good because people think it is, and everything that is wrong is wrong because people think it is so. Why then should you have to worry about what people think about your ideas? Why then should you have to worry about whether people agree with your ideas?

It’s all about knowing what you’re doing and being confident in yourself.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready to accept your mistakes. There is a huge line between self-confidence and arrogance, and while it is very important to be confident about your work you should have an open mind towards what people think as well as be ready to improve.

This isn’t time to be perfect, it is time to stand up for what you believe in and deliver as much as you can on a consistent basis. Over time, you will be able to build your own audience that trust your voice and see you as an expert, you will be able to break new grounds in your writing, and hopefully, you will be able to create something really big that is a result of your confidence.

It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have. It doesn’t matter how great your skills is. It doesn’t matter how many people you know. Nothing matters if you don’t believe in yourself.

What it really takes to succeed online is to believe in yourself. It is to have great self confidence that if anybody can, it is you.

Here are 3 ways to boost your self-confidence as a writer:

Building confidence as a writer is mostly emotional than physical. Reading every book and article on self confidence won’t suffice if you’re not mentally prepared.

1. Know YOU Can

Like I said above, gaining self confidence is mostly emotional than physical. The first step is to believe you can. Take a look at the most successful people doing the kind of writing that you do and you will notice that you’re no different from them. Of course, some of them might have a glamorous background, and it might seem like luck has its own part to play, but they all had to take one step. They all had to put their work out and that mostly has to do with self confidence on their part.

A huge part of being a writer – of sharing your ideas – is knowing that YOU can! If anyone can, it is YOU!

2. Surround Yourself with Positive People

I have noticed that the people I have around me, to a great extent, influence my mood for the day. Whenever I feel down or just can’t seem to get things done it mostly has to do with a problem at home or online. We are mostly a reflection of those we move it.

In most cases, you already have positive people around you who believe in you. These could be your family, your friends or even your mentors. If you don’t have them, find them. Sometimes, you have to pay for this. It doesn’t always have to be with your money, it could be with your time, your caring, your reciprocation or even moving away from your surrounding every once in a while to be around people who can motivate you.

Life is too short to be surrounded with negative people, and too much negativity isn’t good for a writer. Disconnect yourself from negative people, surround yourself with positive people and be open-minded.

3. Keep Striving to Improve

While self confidence isn’t necessarily dependent on your skills, constantly improving can go a long way to amplify your belief in yourself. A good writer will never be comfortable with stagnancy, and being on the same spot will only accelerate the depletion of your self confidence. Don’t be in the same spot for so long, always try to improve, always take new risks and try new things and you will always be proud to call yourself a writer.

How Do You Feel about Your Writing?

Are you confident about your stuff or are you still struggling? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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