How to be Have a Successful Career as a Writer

Being a successful writer is more than just book signings, autographs and movie rights. It involves hard work and dedication. Read these nine tips on how to create a career as an author.

Hard Work Leads to Publication

Writing one book is hard work. Keeping going year after year is even harder. But if you are to be more than a one-book-wonder, it’s important to keep writing.

Work at Improving Your Writing Technique

Dancers and musicians put in hours of practice every day, and it’s no different for writers. Writing technique needs practice, and dedicated writers are disciplined when it comes to improving their style.

Learn From Criticism

There is a grain of truth in most criticism. The more it hurts, the more it’s likely to be hitting a nerve. Listen to criticism. Accept that you have faults and that you, like everyone else, can always improve.

Don’t be Oversensitive

Most writers are sensitive and have thin skins. Criticism and rejection can be deadly if you haven’t developed the skill to get up and start again when you are knocked down. Find ways to booster your self-esteem. Find a therapist, if necessary, who can listen and advise you on dealing with the emotional aspects of writing.

Maintain a Strong Self Image

Virtually every writer gets rejection letters at one time or another. Separate your work from your self-image. A rejection letter says a publisher does not wish to put money into your book. It does not say you are a loser who nobody likes. Maintaining a strong self-image is a hugely useful tool to a writer. It helps you to take rejection on the chin.

Read Book Reviews

It’s vital that writers know what is being published in their field. Keep abreast of trends in publishing. Read the books that have won important prizes. Read reviews in magazines and newspapers, and visit your local bookstores and library to see what is popular.

Keep Abreast of Trends

Keeping abreast of current trends is important. More crucial, though, is the ability to anticipate future trends. The book you write this month will only be published in 18 months time, or more. By then new trends will have developed. If your book hits the spot trend-wise, you’ll have a best seller.

Be Pleasant to Work With

Publishers are busy people, with stressful lives. If you develop a reputation as a difficult person to work with, or for troubling the publishers with every little complaint, and demanding special attention, you will find it harder to place your book. Even the great Roald Dahl was fired by his publisher when his rudeness and ridiculous demands became more trouble than they were worth. Be polite and considerate.

Listen to Your Editor, Sales Team and Publisher

Each of these people is a specialist in their area. Your speciality is writing. Don’t argue unnecessarily about trivia, especially when it concerns something that is not in your field of expertise. The publishing company has put a lot of money into your book, they want it to make money. Trust them, and leave them to do their jobs.

Following these 9 tips will increase your chances of a successful career as an author.

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