Guide to Remembering Hard-To-Spell Words

When spellcheck isn’t available, it’s a good idea to learn the spelling of frequently misspelled words to avoid embarrassing errors.

Some people just aren’t spellers, and even those of us who are can’t memorize the dictionary. Here’s a list of frequently misspelled words alongside ways to remember their spellings to avoid embarrassing mistakes in casual or formal writing, especially when spell check isn’t available.

  • Acceptable: If you are able to accept something, you can remember how to spell this word.
  • Accessory: To properly accessorize, you must be well-balanced: that’s two of each c and s.
  • Accidentally: If it really is an accident, nobody will keep tally.
  • Accommodation: This word is so accommodating, it has room for both double c’s and m’s.
  • A lot: You might have allotted time for a lot of spelling errors, but always remember this is two words, and you can scratch this mistake off your list.
  • Believe: If you believe in something, don’t forget the i in the middle.
  • Changeable: Are you able to change?
  • Commitment: Only one t for commitment, but two t’s for committed.
  • Daiquiri: Three i’s.
  • Definitely: Not definately. Think of the root word finite.
  • Discipline: It takes discipline to remember the s and c.
  • Disappointed: Always spell the word appoint.
  • Difference: Just add ence to the word differ.
  • Drunkenness: If you are experiencing this, you will probably forget the extra n!
  • Embarrassing: Two r’s and two s’s
  • February: You just have to remember the silent r.
  • Grammar: Just remember that every letter should mirror each other (except the g of course).
  • Guarantee: Two a’s and two e’s.
  • Heroes: Just remember the –es at the end of hero.
  • Humorous: Not humourus or humorus.
  • Leisure: An exception to the i before e rule.
  • Library: Not libary or liberry; the middle r should be pronounced.
  • License: Keep the c and s separated and you’ll remember this tricky word.
  • Lightning: There is no e in the word; it’s spelled just as it’s pronounced.
  • Misspell: What an embarrassing word to misspell. Just be sure to double the s’s and the l’s.
  • Noticeable: If you’re able to notice something, it’s noticeable.
  • Occasional: No t in the word, no double s, and two c’s.
  • Parallel: Double the l, not the r.
  • Pitiful: Change the y to an i, and keep the l single.
  • Seize: An exception to the i before e rule.
  • Vacuum: Two u’s, not two c’s.
  • Weird: An exception to the i before e rule.

To improve your spelling, try to be aware of the spelling of common words as you read anything around you. When available, use a spellchecking device; always look up unfamiliar words when you are not able to use spellcheck to avoid embarrassing spelling errors and improve your professionalism.

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