7 Attributes of Writing

Successful authors, possess certain attributes which keep them on track with the writing task and into the publishing circle. DO you apply the 7 attributes?

The desire to write a book is shared by many. As a matter of fact, I was surprised to find that recent surveys show that more than 90% of the population say they have a secret desire to write a book.

I do believe that successful authors, those who actually write and finish that novel, or book of poetry, or even that book of short stories, and see it all the way to publication, have certain characteristics and apply particular attributes.

I have discovered 7 attributes and they start with a foundation attribute – being positive and maintaining the optimistic stance.

The 7 Attributes

  1. The attribute of Writing – That’s it – simple and succinct. Sit down and write – on the computer, on paper or dictate it. If you have nothing to write (or say), write anyway. Just put anything down and keep putting it down until the flow comes. As with any blockage –one has to open up the valves for the block to evaporate OR dissolve.
  2. The attribute of Thought – Think about your book, even when you’re not writing. I know when my writing is alive. My characters call me, talk to me in my sleep, keep me awake and almost demand that I work on them.
  3. The attribute of Motivation – Become/stay/be motivated to finish your book, poem, story. Finishing the project is the most appropriate attribute and leads to greater success. So if you get distracted due to boredom and the grass is greener stuff, keep an ideas book to write your distractions in, and stay focused towards motivation to complete the current project.
  4. The attribute of Editing – Proofreading, editing and revising your finished project is essential to your success as an adept author in addition to making your project the best it can be. May sound tedious, but it is essential towards the success of not only the project but to your self-esteem as an author.
  5. The attribute of getting published – Yeah, yeah, you say. Well I do say! Please let not your greatness become another dust catcher or space taker. Please let not your greatness become another statistic of the dream stealers and the knockers who gloat and quote – “writing a book is hard work” or “getting published is next to impossible.” Seek out publishers, agents or subsidised publishing markets. Forge on, until you get Published!
  6. The attribute of Momentum – Once published begin working on the next one. Go to that little distraction journal you set up when you were tempted to move to greener pastures. Or just get happening on a new project. Whatever – keep the momentum up and write, write, write.
  7. The attribute of Optimism – I have come back to my first point – being optimistic and positive. The thing is – it is this attribute that will see you through. Optimism keeps you honest to your dream, helps you to listen to your inner voice. It tells you not to listen to those people who say it’s a competitive market out there or those people who say they’ve written five books and haven’t had one Published yet. Optimism keeps your self-esteem in tact when those people send you back your manuscripts!

Start today and assess yourself as a writer, which of the seven attributes do you apply to your craft?

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