10 Useful Website Copywriting Tips

10 Useful Website Copywriting Tips

A list of ten key website copywriting tips to help you write clear, concise copy for the web.

The web is filled with attention grabbing text. Follow these guidelines to make sure that your web copy is functioning right.

1. Use key words but don’t go crazy with the stuffing

Find out what the relevant key words are for the site you’re writing about and make sure they’re included in website headlines and titles – search engines trawl these first. The Google Keyword Tool might be useful.

2. Bullet points are important

Bullet pointed information is considered to be important and more likely to be picked up by search engines. Long copy may also be clearer to read when divided into bullet points.

3. Conversational copy builds trust

People need to connect to the copy, so talking directly to the viewer and using the words ‘you’ and ‘yours’ and joining words like ‘so’, ‘but’ and ‘because’, might help. Sometimes you can tell what’s working and what’s not when you read what you’ve written out loud.

4. There’s nothing clever about trying to sound clever

Explaining something complex, clearly, is clever. I like what Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

5. Small paragraphs work better online

As a rule and according to Ian Atkinson’s book, The Copy Righter, paragraphs should be no longer than five lines and sentences no longer than two lines.

6. Don’t forget to ask

Don’t forget to ask the viewer to call, comment, sign up or whatever it is you’d like them to do. In this case, if you have any more web copywriting tips, I’d love to hear them.

7. List benefits over features

People would prefer to hear how something will benefit them rather than a long list of shallow copy waffling on about how great something is.

8. What’s your point?

All writing must have a point, whether it’s to be self indulgent, informative, entertaining… Every word of copy must count and contribute towards making your point clear.

9. Avoid too many of these !!!???

Too many exclamation and question marks look a little desperate and remind me of scam ads with headlines like “Congratulations!!! You have won £1000000!!!”

10. Rewrite exceptional website copy

The idea is to keep a collection of well written copy and then rewrite it so you can get a feel for the tone of voice and the copywriters thought process etc. Keeping a collection of copy may also prove to be good reference material if you’re ever stuck for ideas.

I hope you found some of these tips useful and I wish you all the best in writing clear copy for the web.

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